Há exatos 7 meses saí em busca da chamada "vida digital" e de me tornar o tão famigerado híbrido-on-off-propagation-whatever-planner. No dia-a-dia, muitas coisas mudaram e outras nem tanto. Mas o saldo é um bajilhão de aprendizados. E aí resolvi reunir alguns sob a série de posts Digital&Confused. Espero que nos ajude a entender tudo isso melhor. =)

Digital&Confused: Storybuilding instead of Storytelling

The Future Of Advertising da Fast Company descreve a agonia do mefcado [e profissionais] offline tentando fazer sua migração para o universo on. E disso sobram alguns aprendizados valorosos:

EM primeiro lugar, "There's never been a better time to be in advertising," says Aaron Reitkopf, North American CEO of digital agency Profero.

"Creative teams now need to behave more like improv actors -- "story building" instead of storytelling -- so they can respond in real time to an unpredictable audience. Marketing actually needs to be useful -- "use-vertising" instead of advertising -- which means that you must think more like a product developer than an entertainer. While campaigns once promised glossy anthemic concepts, perfected before being shipped off to the waiting client, digital is incremental, experimental, continually optimized -- "perpetual beta" -- and never, ever finished."

" The death of mass marketing means the end of lazy marketing. At agencies, the new norm is doing exponentially complex work. Think of the 200 Old Spice YouTube videos whipped up by Wieden+Kennedy in 48 hours. "Creating more work for less money is the big paradox," says Matt Howell, president of the Boston agency Modernista."

Um tratado muito lúcido sobre as particularidades do digital thinking, o novo tipo de relação entre cliente e agência[s] e o problema central dessa grande transição: too much ego.

"Says Victors & Spoils chief creative officer Evan Fry: "I think the new model is scary because all of us in the ad industry want to feel, at least from a creative point of view, that we have something no one else has. So if you're really good at it, you had to go to Creative Circus or Portfolio Center; you had to pay for it."

Queria que os profesores das faculdades de propaganda falassem algumas dessas coisas.




Barbara Ehrenreich, political activist for RSA talks.
Muita lucidez sobre os dois principais problemas dessa tirania do think positive:
1 - Delusion is a mistake: There's a willfull ignorance that nobody can think bad thoughts and nothing bad can happen.
2 - It's cruel to take people that have great difficulties in their lives and tell them ïts all in your head" and "you only have to change your attitude".